Coat Style Abayas

Coat Style Abayas


Coat abayas getting you in winter fashion vibes!

Styling an abaya is not a tricky task; one needs to have a little bit of fashion sense and follow the right people on social media, and you are all set. Black Camels is a well-known brand in the abaya industry with numerous coat style burqa designs catering to the needs of women worldwide. Coat style abaya is perfect for the cool winter seasons where the chilly weather does not let one carry their abayas fashionably.

Black Camels is the one-stop-shop for all the abaya needs as they have both the summery abaya collection and wintery coat style burqa designs. However, there are a few tips that can get your abaya fitting right.

A loosely fitted abaya takes away the essence of the overall look, and a body fitted abaya takes away the purpose of wearing the abaya. So what should one do? That’s right, find the perfect balance. To get this right, you need to go with something that flows and not sticks. Why should one go for a slim fit that fits your body when you can don a regular fit coat style burqa? Apart from this, you can take a belt and tie it on your waist and give your abaya a perfect wintery look. The abaya experts at the Black Camels ensure they measure you up first, later then compare it to your other dresses and abayas to give your coat abaya a perfect fit that is just right for you.