Zayba Bridal Maxi Abaya


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Addon Scarves

Nasirah Turkish Hijab
Rs 2250
Misri Hijab – All Colors
Rs 1650


Made of Saudi Nidah fabric, Black Camels has yet again introduced bridal wear worth every penny you will spend on it! With summers on its way, we have made sure that our Bridal wear however heavy in terms of their fanciness is breathable and summer-friendly, exactly why the abaya has loose bell chiffon sleeves to it. A front-closed abaya with a round neck and the tidiest Rhinestone work you will ever come across!

Abaya highlights:
> Saudi Nidah Fabric
> Bell Chiffon Sleeves
> Front Closed Abaya
> Available in other colors
> Matching Hijab
> Rhinestone work


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